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10 Tips for a Healthy Spring 2023

Aligning our lifestyle with the changing seasons has been one of my core health principles for over 40 years. These 10 Tips will help you attune to Spring's energy of renewal.
Mar 14th, 2023

Immune Boosting Foods

During these times when protecting ourselves against viral infection is a priority, there are many foods that can help to boost our immune health.
Nov 7th, 2022

FREE CLASS on Allergies - April 1st

Our clinic gets many referrals from other doctors and pediatricians for our integrated approach allergy testing and treatment. Learn more from Dr. Haas and Janara Iman in this free class.
Sep 15th, 2019

The Flu and What you can do

In addition to continuing Covid challenges this winter, we are still in the flu season so here are my tips for prevention and treatment. If you start to feel unwell it is best to take action quickly.
Jan 6th, 2023

10 Tips for Improving Your immunity

Even with Covid less of a threat now, we still want to Stay Healthy so I have put together my 10 Tips for strengthening your immune system and preventing viral infections. They are based on my book Ultimate Immunity.
Jan 3rd, 2023

Tips for Winter Health 2023

Even in normal times, it can be difficult to Stay Healthy during the Winter season. This year we have the added challenges of continuing Covid plus a stronger than usual flu season and concerns over RSV in children. I hope these tips will be helpful.
Dec 14th, 2022

Health Education for Children

This is such an important topic. The earlier we teach our children about basic health concepts the more likely they are to adopt healthy habits. A great holiday gift!
Nov 18th, 2022

Staying Healthy through the Holidays

The coming weeks have many celebrations in store which can cause health imbalances., emphasized by the cooler and wetter climate. Dr. Haas offers his tips about STAYING HEALTHY through the HOLIDAYS.
Oct 28th, 2022

10 Tips for a Healthy Autumn 2022

The seasonal change from Summer to Autumn is often when we face health challenges. The days are getting shorter, the climate is cooling. This is when you can review your lifestyle and make changes to build your immunity.
Sep 20th, 2022

10 Tips For Summer Health

During the warmer, longer days it is time to adjust our lifestyle activities and habits to align with the changing season. Here are 10 tips for summer health from Dr. Haas.
Jun 8th, 2022

Resources for Better Sleep

Sleep is one of my 5 Keys to Staying Healthy, but we often don’t appreciate how important it is to our wellbeing until we’re not sleeping well and everything seems out of balance. This is more important than ever now with the ongoing Covid related stress.
Feb 10th, 2022

Recharge with a Summer Detox

Take advantage of all the fresh fruits and vegetables available during the summer by doing a seasonal detox.
Jun 26th, 2021

Important News about Natural Thyroids

If you are already taking, or considering taking, the natural thyroid products Naturethroid and WP Thyroid please read this post about a voluntary recall.
Sep 11th, 2020

Video of 8.22 Free Class available

What is Metaphysical Medicine? This is the question Dr. Haas discussed during his FREE class on Saturday, August 22nd. The video of that hour long exploration of this fascinating topic is now available.
Jul 31st, 2020

Video of July 25th Free Online Class now posted

Watch the video of the recent FREE Class from Dr. Haas about optimizing your health with N.E.W. Medicine - his innovative integration of Natural, Eastern and Western therapeutic approaches.
Jul 9th, 2020

10 Fitness Tips from Dr. Haas

Nutrition is the first of my 5 Keys to Staying Healthy. Exercise is the second. We have a lot of control over these two essential components of a healthy lifestyle. Here are my 10 Fitness Tips and my own weekly fitness program.
Feb 23rd, 2020

What To Do for the Winter Blues

Many people experience mild to moderate depression during the Winter season with its cooler, wetter weather and shorter days. Here are my 10 Tips for preventing and treating the Winter Blues.
Jan 30th, 2020

A Presentation at Ceres Community Project on Feb. 26th

As an integrative physician I have always thought of Food as Medicine and the Ceres Community Project takes that to a whole new level. So I am very happy to be working with this wonderful group that provides organic meals to people who are critically ill.
Jan 9th, 2020

Air Pollution and Clean Air

During this season, with shorter days and cooler, wetter weather, we spend more time inside buildings at home or at work, so the quality of the air we're breathing indoors is even more important than usual.
Jan 6th, 2020

Is BEMER Therapy the answer for You?

The BEMER system (Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation) is a revolutionary medical technology that has been shown to stimulate your body’s natural systems to restore your energy, improve your health, and reduce the discomfort of those nagging conditions.
Dec 8th, 2019

Staying Healthy in Autumn

Writing about the Seasons and their influence on our personal health has been a part of my healing message as an integrative physician for over 40 years. Here's my advice for your Autumn health based on my book Staying Healthy with the Seasons.
Oct 19th, 2019

PMCM welcomes two new practitioners

We are very happy to announce that Dr. Richard Tunkel and Dr. Helena Riess are joining the group of practitioners at the clinic. They bring a wealth of experience to offer our patients. Read on to learn more about them.
Sep 23rd, 2019

On the Cover of Woman's World

I was featured on the cover of Woman's World recently t. Inside there's a double page article with lots of practical health information.
Aug 12th, 2019

10 Tips for Staying Healthy in Summer

My first book was Staying Healthy with the Seasons in which I presented my ideas on the importance of attuning our lifestyle to the seasonal cycles as a key to getting and staying healthy. Now over 40 years later, I am still a strong proponent these ideas.
Jun 15th, 2019

Dr. Haas featured in Sebastopol Living Magazine

After living for the last 25 years near the town of Sebastopol in Sonoma County, California, I was pleased to be featured in the recent issue of Sebastopol Living magazine, both on the cover and in an article titled The People's Doctor.
Jun 13th, 2019

10 Tips for Wise Sugar Use

The use of sugar and its effects on health and weight is important for women who want to remain trim and vital. Of course, the wise use of sugar is crucial for everyone, children especially.
May 31st, 2019

Weight Loss Diets & Healthy Eating Habits

Even though our habits and behavior around food, and specifically our relationship to food, is crucial to whether we can actually attain and maintain a healthy weight, there are several diets that can help us lower our weight and improve our health.
May 24th, 2019

Depression and Natural Therapies

Depression could be described as a mood, a state of being, or energy level that includes lack of motivation, a sense of hopelessness, and often a lower level of physical energy.
May 24th, 2019

Self Care and Stress Reduction

Caring for our selves and finding ways to handle our stresses are clearly important practice for assuring our long-term health.
May 23rd, 2019

Allergies: An Integrated Approach to Self Care

Allergies include a variety of reactions to our external and internal environments. We offer an integrated approach using intradermal testing and sublingual treatment as described in another blog article, but there's a lot you can do too.
May 22nd, 2019

Hypertension & Wise Therapy

Hypertension, or High Blood Pressure (HBP), is a common disease in modern cultures, more common in men than women, and in African Americans over Caucasians.
May 14th, 2019

10 Tips for Autumn Health

The transition from Summer to Autumn is one of the most energetic times of the year and we would be wise and health-wise to change our lifestyle habits to accord with the seasonal changes. I hope these 10 tips will help you do so.
May 1st, 2019

10 Tips for a Healthy Spring

Become Current in your Life in this inspiring Spring season. Embrace yourself honestly as you look at all of your habits and areas of your own life. Even with all the worldly concerns, care for yourself and your loved ones.
May 1st, 2019

Spring Cleansing

Did you ever wonder how you would feel if you took a break for a week – took a vacation from the foods that drain your energy?
Apr 1st, 2019