Autumn Detox - Oct 10 thru 24

Join Dr. Elson Haas for Autumn Detox 2020 Online

Autumn is the perfect time for this 2 week educational and personal healing opportunity that includes 3 Live Webinars

Ideal, Focused and Affordable Participation for:

Staying Healthy through Seasonal Detox provides you with:

Featuring three live online webinars with Dr. Haas

Your opportunity to interact personally with Elson and get your detox questions answered

 WEBINAR 1 – October 10th, Saturday: 10:30 AM - Pacific Time – Intro, Overview, & Plan. Transition and then begin Detox program by Monday, Jan 20th

WEBINAR 2 – October 17th, Saturday: 10:30 AM - Pacific Time – Mid Way Review with Q&A

WEBINAR 3 – October 24th, Saturday: 10:30 AM- Pacific Time - Progress Update and Review: The DETOX DIET as a Transition to Your NEW HEALTH PLAN

TOTAL FEE for this ONLINE PROGRAM • $99 (Advance) • $129 after 10/1/2020

Take this opportunity to re-balance as the climate begins to shift and before the health challenges of the holiday season

You can learn more baout the course and sign up HERE

Elson Haas, M.D.

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