Evolutionary Medicine Free Class on Jan. 29th

During the last 50 years as a praticing integrative physician, 35 of which have been as the medical director of PMCM, I have also been studying the more subtle and invisible aspects of health and healing that some might call "metpa-physical." I have decided at this point in my life it is time to share what I have learned, therefore I will be teaching a new course called Evolutionary Medicine starting in the Spring.

As an introduction to the Evolutionary Healing series, I am offering another FREE class on January 29th at 10:30 AM, Pacific time. You can sign up HERE

* I’ll be talking about the more subtle and invisible aspects of healing, as I did in my first book, Staying Healthy with the Seasons, where I offer a modern interpretation of the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

* We’ll explore other symbolic systems like the Chinese zodiac—the Water Tiger Year starts with the new moon on February 1st.

*  We will focus on how to use traditional healing approaches to support our Personal Growth and Well Being.

*  I’ll introduce a way to follow the lunar cycle for improved creativity and balance. 

* You’ll learn about numerology, the 9 key areas of your life and how to use them to set a blueprint for a personal plan for the year.

I hope you’ll join me by signing up for the free class HERE

Elson Haas, M.D.

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