New Online Course - Peace Medicine

Peace Medicine with Dr. Elson Haas

At this time in my life, I have decided to share my personal studies beyond conventional medicine. My metaphysical understanding is about health and healing at all levels. Peace Medicine also looks at numbers, planets and symbols as we tune into our personal potentials, how we’re all connected and who we really are as our unique selves.

In Peace Medicine, we empower our personal health as a path of growth and implement new activities to enhance our lives. Let’s also explore more deeply the aspects of dis-harmony and dis-ease to build a bridge of understanding—of our daily choices.


We will follow the wisdom of the body along with Nature’s cycles and seasons and the creativity following the moon’s phases; we’ll explore chakras, meridians and aspects of life based on different symbolic systems.

It’s up to each of us to grow - to nourish our lives and be nourished - learning to align with our spinning Earth traveling through space. We are on this planet to learn, grow and evolve – and to be joyful, thankful and energy and energy conscious.


Elson Haas, M.D.

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