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  • About Richard Tunkel, MD

    After practicing as a Chiropractor for several years, Dr. Tunkel received his medical degree from SUNY-HSC at Brooklyn in 1987. He then received his specialty training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation through Cornell Medical Center in NYC. He became board certified in 1992. After more than a decade of academic medical practice at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the NYC Health and Hospital Corporation through Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, he moved to California in 2003. He subsequently entered private practice using predominantly non-pharmacological interventions for those suffering from chronic conditions, especially pain and fatigue, and related symptoms.

    Throughout his career, he has become increasingly involved in and received extensive instruction on the application of natural methods of healing. His areas of expertise include:

    • Manual medicine
    • Medical acupuncture
    • Postural/biomechanical retraining
    • Movement therapies
    • Breathwork and meditation/mindfulness training
    • Patient lifestyle education
    • Clinical nutrition/supplementation
    • Sound and Light Therapy 


    Dr. Tunkel’s major interest has been the healing of body, mind and spirit in those suffering from chronic pain, decreased vitality, and other functionally limiting conditions. His goal is to help such individuals improve the quality of their lives by decreasing pain and increasing vitality and the sense of well-being. Importantly, Dr. Tunkel’s interventions are individualized to the patient’s needs and goals.

    Dr. Tunkel accepts insurance from Aetna, UHC, Cigna, Blue Shield and Blue Cross. Dr. Tunkel does not accept Medicaire.

    “Empowering the patient leads to greater participation in the fulfilling adventure that life should be.”

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