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New Patients Welcome!

Whether you come to us with an illness, multiple medical problems or for a health evaluation, our Goal is to help you move as quickly as possible to wellness and have your emphasis be on the prevention of disease. We believe that some essential ingredients for promoting optimal health are: a good nutrition program, proper stress management, a balanced exercise program and improved health awareness.

Getting healthy and staying healthy involves acquiring and maintaining a constant balance in all areas of our lives. At PMCM, we practice Integrated Medicine, a multi-disciplinary approach focusing on general family medicine, emphasizing the prevention of disease and the use of natural therapies, all within a framework of Western medicine.

As a new patient, your first visit may include a complete health history, a physical examination, and various tests such as biochemical and nutritional analyses along with other selected diagnostic procedures. Our practice specializes in yearly health evaluations and personalized programs which may include: analysis of nutritional needs, pharmaceutical and naturopathic remedies, osteopathic evaluation and treatment along with acupuncture and other body therapies.

Julie Dietz
Administrative Director

Getting Started

In order to save you time and prepare us both for your visit, follow these easy steps so that we can begin to serve you:

Insurance Accepted

PMCM Health Profiles

Dr. Haas has used these forms in his medical practice for more than 30 years. Collectively, they are a personal health history that include a standard medical review plus lifestyle questions and nutritional habits as well as exploring, exercise, stress and emotional issues. It helps us to more easily assess the general health status of our patients.

Even in the event that you are not intending to become a patient of Preventive Medical Center of Marin, this form will provide you with unique insight about your health and health habits and may even motivate you to make some improvements.

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