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Cool Climate Detox

Dr. Haas recommends Seasonal Detox as a key to improved health.

Benefit from over 40 Years of Detox Experience

This 2-3 week self-paced program is optimized for cooler weather – ideal for an Autumn cleanse to prepare for the seasonal changes, or in Winter to reset after the Holidays, start fresh and prepare for Spring.

Dr. Haas has called detoxification “the missing link in western nutrition.” He has led a group to cleanse programs for many years at his clinic in Northern California and has guided thousands of patients through the process with great success.

Detox Diet book cover - Cool Climate Detox Course - also Spring Cleanse course

Now he brings all that experience to this online course that includes three recorded webinars and extensive support materials to allow you to create your own personalized seasonal detox plan.

The course is based on his popular book, The Detox Diet, and introduces several different approaches such as his unique “Detox Soup” as well as guidelines for a smoothie-based detox and juice cleanses, so you can customize your plan to the season and your body type.

During this course you will learn about:

  • How to prepare for your Detox – includes planning tools, a shopping list, and recipes.
  • Supplements and Nutrients that support the detox process.
  • The Detox Diet program – this includes a unique daily eating plan created by Dr. Haas that allows you to detox even during cool weather.
  • How to identify troublesome food reactions – as you let go of habitual foods you have the chance to see if they are in fact causing your body to react negatively. An added benefit of detox!

By following the healing dietary program detailed in the Cool Climate Detox Course, you can give your body the break it needs. This personalized program is one key to creating optimal health.


When you sign up for Cool Climate Detox you get a special 16-page excerpt from my book The Detox Diet with lots of useful information.

Elson Haas, MD.

Integrative Family Medicine Physician, Author and Educator

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