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Nutritional Medicine

Unlock the power of nutrition for optimal health. Our personalized nutritional medicine plans combine dietary guidance, lifestyle modifications, and supplements to enhance vitality and overall wellness. Schedule your consultation today.

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Promoting Health Through Nutrient-Rich Diets and Minimizing Toxic Exposure

As an author and teacher, Elson Haas, MD and his team at PMCM offer education and practical approaches to a healthy diet, a key to staying well. In his book, Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine, Dr. Haas describes his approach to the origin of most illness and chronic disease—that is cell imbalance caused from a deficiency of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and the many natural phytonutrients found in real food).

The other side of the cellular imbalance is toxicity from the many chemicals and metals we are exposed to from our air, water, and foods, as well as products we put on our bodies or use in our homes. There are literally thousands of chemicals used in our modern world and it takes awareness and application to minimize our exposure.

Nutritional Medicine FAQs

This includes Nutritional Evaluation and Testing as well as Dietary Therapies. Of course, a nutritional evaluation begins with a record of your diet.

What do you eat on a regular basis and is your overall diet balanced to provide the nutrients you need? Are you using substances like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, cannabis and medications to balance your mood and energy or to get through your day and/or help you sleep? This is often a good place to start. Do you need to take a break from these habits and how will that affect you?

Here’s where you can look at the next category of Detoxification and whether certain substances you are using actually help or hurt you. (See Detoxification Programs and Heavy Metal Testing.)

  • General biochemistry to look at blood count, liver and kidney functions, protein levels, etc.
  • Amino acids or fatty acid assessment.
  • Micronutrient assay, looking at vitamin, minerals and other blood assessments.
  • Dietary and calorie assessment based on dietary records.

These tests tell us if you are you getting what you need from your current diet? This also has to do with digestive health—are you assimilating the nutrients you need from the foods you eat? Taking time to eat, chewing your food well and making the right choices in your balance of foods are all part of good nutrition.

Nutritional assessment is an important part of maintaining long-term health so if you are ready to explore this further, please call Dr. Haas and PMCM to schedule an appointment.

Elson Haas, MD.

Integrative Family Medicine Physician, Author and Educator

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