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Physical Exams & Health Assessments

Prioritize illness prevention with our thorough physical exams and health assessments. We focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle, reducing medical interventions, and keeping you at your best. Schedule an appointment today.

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Proactive Assessments and Interventions

Focusing on prevention of illness is an important aspect of medical care. When we actively live a healthy lifestyle, we are less likely to need medical or surgical interventions as we tend to Stay Healthy.

One of PMCM’s practice goals is to keep people healthy and out of hospitals and emergency rooms and surgery as much as possible. Using the least number and dosages of drugs (with good effects) is also a useful practice philosophy.

Physical Exams & Health Assessments FAQs

Depending on your age, a good general exam with a review of your lifestyle habits and medical concerns along with appropriate lab tests is an essential part of good medical care.  

Since Dr. Haas believes that “how we look and feel is primarily based on how we live,” your regular check-up is a good way to review all aspects of your life.

At PMCM, Dr. Haas and his team look at the 5 Keys to Staying Healthy—Good Nutrition, Regular Exercise, Stress Management, Proper Sleep, and a Healthy Attitude—all of which can lead to healthier lives and less sickness and chronic diseases.

As we shift our attitude to care and love for our one and only body, many of our lifestyle habits become better. (See Dr. Haas’ Free Online Health Assessment, the 5 Keys to Staying Healthy, on his website.

At PMCM, Dr. Haas and his team focus on thorough health reviews with a complete history including your daily habits, doing physical exams, ordering lab tests, as well as further integrative testing as appropriate and indicated.

These unique and helpful tests may include:

• Salivary or urinary measurements of hormones

• Allergy skin testing

• Food sensitivity blood tests

• Stool testing for digestive function and microbial balance

• Nutritional analysis through blood testing with specialty labs

• Chemical toxicity testing

You get to be involved and interact with your practitioner about areas of your life you want to review and improve upon. An important part of health assessments is setting health goals that are S.M.A.R.T.  This stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Specific.

If you feel it’s a good time to get your physical and health assessment and baseline values of your biochemical and nutritional balance, call Dr. Haas at PMCM to schedule your checkup.

Elson Haas, MD.

Integrative Family Medicine Physician, Author and Educator

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