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Weight Management

Tackle weight challenges with our holistic approach, combining nutrition, exercise, and mindset. Our comprehensive programs help you lose weight, keep it off, and transform your lifestyle for long-lasting health. Schedule a consultation today.

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Comprehensive Weight Management Strategies

This is a vitally important topic since weight issues affect the health of nearly half our adult population as well as many teenagers and children. Chronic obesity increases many medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer and dementia.

Dr. Haas and PMCM are focused on good nutrition and exercise as the primary two lifestyle issues that can protect our health and prevent many diseases. Losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge for most overweight people and their doctors. There are so many programs that can help with weight, and especially fat, reduction, and Dr. Haas has personally worked on this amazing challenge since childhood. Many of his online teaching programs give you a supported experience and focus on just this weighty issue.

At PMCM, we guide our patients in many aspects of weight management, from their mental attitude to the specific dietary programs to the counseling, support and nutritional guidance to get results—lose weight and keep it off by Lifestyle Change and not just going on a diet. It takes time as well as discipline to change habits.

Weight Management FAQs

It’s all about choices. Losing weight and keeping it off is based on our day-to-day living. Therefore, changing our habits, often ingrained in us from childhood and our family’s dietary choices, is a great challenge. Yet, when we accomplish this, we feel better and alter our health as we age and prevent many chronic diseases that may shorten our lives.

There are many factors that contribute to being overweight and obese. Some of these include:

• Genetic factors and Family Eating Habits

• Food Choices that include excessive flour and sugar intake

• Sodas and baked goods and fast foods

• Lack of physical activity

• Stress issues and triggers that cause us to overeat

• Holidays and birthdays and other celebrations

• Create an individualized healthy diet and menu plan

• Provide support for you

• Give you some new and tasty food choices

• Help you discover food allergies and sensitivities

• Help you find your right exercise plan

• Support your nutrition with natural supplements and even temporary prescriptions

If you wish to have support for losing weight and keeping it off, please call PMCM to set up an appointment.

Elson Haas, MD.

Integrative Family Medicine Physician, Author and Educator

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