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Our mission is to optimize the health of our patients via holistic, patient-centered care. Integrating Western & Natural medicine for prevention, nutrition & lifestyle. Addressing root causes & fostering collaboration for vibrant living.

Compassionate, well informed care

"I cannot recommend Judy Lane highly enough to anyone seeking a compassionate, well-informed, and effective health care provider. Judy's empathetic approach to patient care is exceptional. She empowers me to take control of my own health. "

Joyce Arnowitz

Highly Recommended

"Judy Lane treated me for anxiety and chronic insomnia. She ordered the appropriate tests and recommended supplements, which helped tremendously. Judy is smart, thorough, kind, compassionate, and pleasant. I highly recommend her. "

Linda Steenman

20 Years

"Judy has been my nurse practitioner for the past 20 years. When other doctor's couldn't figure out what was wrong with me she figured it out! She has the unique ability to really listen and intuitively know what to look for. "

Janet Hamilton

Amazing feeling

"I felt at ease as soon as I walked in. When I was done and walked outside, I almost forgot what I went in for. Amazing feeling. Amazing Dr., Great Nurse, and the Sweetest Secretary's"

Jennifer G.

Attentive & Detail Oriented

"Very attentive, and detail oriented. Spent a lot of time with me."

Roshan S.

Knowledgable about Complex Medical Condition

"Dr. Haas was very knowledgable about my complex medical condition, and treated me with compassion. He arranged everything I needed promptly and efficiently."

Jeffrey A.

"I have known Dr Haas as a physician for more than 25 years. He's a great listener, asks the right questions and is very thorough as well as thoughtful based on my experience"

Fariba B.

"Not only is the Dr Haas professional but listens to you. He made me feel comfortable. The front desk makes it run smoothly & very friendly. All staff makes you feel welcome!"

Sandra G.

"As an MD Dr. Haas combines alternative methods first with allopathic medicine if necessary. You get the best of both with Dr. Haas. I chose Dr. Haas because he prescribes natural healing methods giving your body the tools to bring it back to wellness."

Rhonda C.

Life Worth Living

"Not sure what appointment this relates to. Specific appointment is irrelevant. Prior to Dr Haas I had extreme ADHD symptoms. Dr Hass advice, assistance & help has made my life worth living."

Joe R.

"Always a positive experience with all concerned staff and Holly and Dr Haas!"

Mary B.

"Dr Haas is efficient and realistic on his approach. I've recommended his whole practice to others, including my family."

Robert R.

"I felt a bit rushed today & disappointed that I wasn't able to find out if my blood pressure monitors are accurate. I have questions about my thyroid condition & there didn't seem to be time for those questions. Perhaps there will be time next time."

Ione K.

"So far I was impressed, friendly and ask thorough questions."

Sandra S.

"Dr. Haas is extremely knowledgable and skilled in his field, but also kind and compassionate. We are blessed to have found a doctor like him."

Joan J.

"Dr. Haas was helpful, informed and kind - what more can one ask of a physician? I am most grateful to now be under the wing of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin"

Brenda H.

"I have been going to P M C M for more than 30 years for expert medical and nutritional consultation/advice and supervision. Dr. Haas and his team are the best!"

Barbara B.

"Dr. Haas is the best"

William J

"Dr. Haas is highly professional as well as kind. I really appreciate his willingness to step in as my PCP while I am here in CA"

Linda W

"Responsive, dedicated, thoughtful and compassionate"

Sophie V.

"I felt like I was coming home"

Michael C.

"Julie is just great. Always helpful"

John H.

"Friendly, professional, and has expertise beyond drug oriented medical practice"

Allen A.

"Dr. Haas is very knowledgeable about the needs of the human body. He is professional and personable"

Hilda S.

"I have been seeing Dr. Haas for about 10 years. He always is responsive to my concerns. Most recently. he was able to find time for an emergency appointment, which really felt important. His kindness, intelligence, and experience really helped me. I highly recommend him"

Lynn I.

"Dr Haas is an asset to his profession and the kind of physician that all doctors should be. The staff is amazing"

Lillie T.

"I have been going to Dr. Elson Haas for over 20 years. He is one of my my hero's advising and helping me to thrive and be healthy for all these years. He is a pioneer in preventative medicine and I am so lucky to have heard of him before I even moved here because of his published books. You will be in truly good hands with Dr Haas as your doctor."

Pamela M.

"I have full faith in Dr. Haas and felt reassured."

Matthew S.

"Easy, fun, filled with accurate information."

Sharon M.

"Wonderful as always"

Cheryl S.

"Thorough and to the goal of my appt."

Laureen F.

"Dr Elson Haas is always attentive and forthcoming in his treatments of your problems. Excellent bedside manner."

Carol E.

"Dr. Elson was very helpful and asked about all my health issues."

William C.

"Pleasant, efficient employees. Dr. Haas reflects an attitude of working to feel better by managing your personal diet & habits intelligently. I look forward to maintaining my heath into the future."

Randall S.

"Great office staff, great doctor and an overall very positive and healing experience!"

Franc S.

"I am excited to work more with Dr. Haas to find a more natural approach to my health."

Christine I.

"Have been seeing Dr Haas for many years. He has changed my health as I have many food allergies that were impacting my overall well being. As a Vegan he works with me on a healthy diet that fits into my lifestyle."

T. Elizabeth D.

"The energy in the office was so positive and healing. Dr Haas is a true and caring professional healer and I am so happy to have found him!"

Angelina P.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Haas and the Pre preventive Medical center for 30 years. I have never been disappointed in the professional service and excellent care that's been afforded to me. Dr. Haas has kept me healthy with his vitamin therapy for years. As a result, I feel much healthier and younger than my years."

Phyllis K.

"I was impressed with the professional but warm and"

Carol P.

"Dr. Haas was very thorough and I like that he care about keeping me healthy so we don't have to worry about treating sickness."

Jackson H.


Carlos A.

"On time and thorough. Friendly and capable staff. Felt welcome as a new client."

Lynne L.

"I've been going to Preventive Medical Center of Marin for over 20 years and have only good experiences with the practitioners and staff."

Michele S.

"Dr. Hass took care of my needs right away."

Hilda M.

"Been a patient with Dr. Haas for fifteen plus years and always felt well taken care of and good listening skills; the staff always warm and accommodating. Knowledgeable and in line with how I feel about prevention and treatment"

Sharon G.

"Excellent, personal one on one care is always their motto. I'm very pleased with all of my medical experiences at Preventive Medical Center of Marin"

Donovan W.

"Dr. Haas and the rest of the staff that dealt with me were very helpful, professional and authentic. I felt heard and genuinely cared for.. Thank you all.."

Michael S.

"Dr. Haas is an excellent Doctor. Kind and caring with great attention to detail. I feel lucky to be under his care! Thanks."

Teresa R.

"A warm welcome y the reception staff and a friendly, engaged Dr. Hass gave a thorough consultation. Love the holistic approach to health"

Malene K.

"great first consult. cant wait to come back"

Mara K.


Tracie S.

"Dr. Haas tried to understand me as a whole person- not just my medical needs. I felt comfortable and excited to be a patient"

Jane Z.

Carol Butterfield, Dpl.Ac, CMT, OM

Wellness Consultant and Medical Intuitive

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